365 Beaver Kreek Center Unit B, North Liberty, IA 52317

Eldritch Moon Game Day – August 13th + 14th

Eldritch Moon Game Day is here, and its time for you to test your meddle against other standard players to see who reigns supreme.


Geek City will host Eldritch Moon Game Day events on Saturday and Sunday, starting at noon each day. We will have a cut to top 8 to determine our final winner, you may stay if you wish past the top 8 announcement but you may no longer be in the tournament. We expect the entire event to wrap up before 5pm on each day.

Events are free, and all attendees will receive a full-art promotional unsubstantiate. The top 8 players will receive a full-art foil promotional Heron’s Grace Champion, and the victor will receive a Liliana, the Last Hope Game Day Champion Playmat! Additional promo cards may be distributed throughout the event, depending on attendance.

This event will be a Standard Swiss tournament. For any questions regarding standard or swiss pairings, please check here:

Standard Format Guidelines:


Swiss Tournament Structure: