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Star Wars Destiny Launch Party Nov 19th

Geek City is happy to host a Launch Party for the newest addition to Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars line of Games, Star Wars Destiny! The event will be Saturday, November 19th, and we will start at noon. We will have a special launch party kit that is pictured above, that…


X-Wing I am Your Father’s Day Tournament – June 18th

Fathers Day Special Tournament At Geek City! This Saturday, June 18th at 11:00 AM! We are happy to announce we will be doing a special tournament¬†for Father’s Day Weekend! Entry into the event is $5, and prizes will be given out based on attendance, with a special flip Vader and…

X-wing Miniatures Campaign Against Cancer 4/9

The Campaign Against Cancer is nation-wide event put on in select cities to raise money for the American Cancer Society through the playing of X-Wing Miniatures, a game developed by Fantasy Flight Games. The CAC is run by Twin Suns Charities, Inc and began in South Bend, Indiana in 2014….


X-Wing Spring Tournament – May 30th

Event will begin at 11:00am, registration will begin at 10:00am. Tournament¬†will be swiss format, with a cut to top players dependent on attendance. $10 entry, prize support will be 1 1/2 of the Spring Tournament kits from Fantasy Flight, and store credit dependent on attendance. Entry will be available, so…