365 Beaver Kreek Center Unit B, North Liberty, IA 52317

Eldritch Moon Pre-release 7-16 + 7-17

Something dark rises over the horizon of Innistrad, something is warping the denizens of the land. What is this horror? Eldritch Moon shows us the biggest eldritch monstrosity, known as Emrakul, using her warping presence to destroy Innistrad, and its up to the Gatewatch and Liliana to save the day!

Pre-release schedule for Eldritch Moon is as follows:

Friday at midnight (after FNM): Standard Sealed
Saturday at 11:00am: Standard Sealed
Saturday at 4:00pm: Two-headed Giant
Sunday at 11:00am: Two-headed Giant
Sunday at 5:00pm: Standard Sealed

More information on these event formats can be found here:

Entry to each Eldritch Moon Pre-release event will be $30, and just as with our previous pre-release events, we will have a special prize payout! However, if you pre-register for multiple events, you will receive a discount!

Custom Tokens – We have two custom tokens created by a local artist that we will be distributing to each participant. This pre-release we will be giving out Chandra Elementals, and Eldrazi Horrors!

Special Product – As with all pre-releases, Eldritch Moon will have extra prizes given away at random throughout the event. Stay posted to find out what we have in store this time!

Next pre-release “Kaladesh” Drawings – By attending pre-release events, you will receive entries into a special drawing for the next set’s pre-release. The first pre-release you attend, you will receive 2 entries into this drawing, the second will get you 4 additional, the 3rd 8, and if you attend all four you will get 16 additional entries into the drawing. This drawing is to win a spot as one of our tokens for our next pre-release tokens. You will be able to choose any Magic the Gathering token, and we will have an artist draw you as that token, which will be distributed to the next pre-release. You will also receive a play-set of your own token.