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Eternal Masters Sealed – June 11th

Eternal Masters Drops June 10th!

Geek City will be hosting Eternal Masters Sealed during the release weekend! If you are interested, more information can be found below!

  • Event Rundown:
    • 6 Packs of Eternal Masters per person to construct a 40 card deck
    • 3 Round Swiss Tournament¬†using the sealed deck
    • Any Players who goes undefeated (3-0) will receive one (1) pack of eternal masters as prize support
    • Entry will be $62 plus tax
    • Main event will be at Noon on Saturday, June 11th

We are looking to do sealed in order to help circumvent the problems with draft that we had with Modern Masters 2015. If you are interested in having another sealed event or scheduling a draft, we will take suggestions on when else we should host events.

As with other events, entry fees will not earn hero points, and store credit cannot be used to enter the event. All cards opened in the sealed event will be the property of the player who opened the pack.

Show your interest in this event by signing up as “going” on our facebook event!