365 Beaver Kreek Center Unit B, North Liberty, IA 52317

Game of Thrones LCG – Regional Tournament June 6th

On Saturday, June 6th, Geek City will be hosting the Fantasy Flights Regional Tournament for the Game of Thrones Living Card Game. The event will begin at Noon, and entry will be $20

This event will be limited to the first 64 to fully pay and register.

Prizes Include:

  • 1 Regional Champion trophy
  • 1 card granting the winner a first-round bye at the country‚Äôs National Championship
  • 4 stone Stark House cards
  • 8 Regional playmats (1 additional playmat for the head judge)
  • 16 packs of acrylic Stark power tokens
  • 64 Shadowblack Lane alternate art cards (1 additional card for the head judge)

Assignment of these products dependent on attendance.

Note: This is a Premier Level Event, as such, it is the most competetive format FFG sanctions. All rules will be enforced to the fullest, and all players are expected to behave and understand the rules.

More information on this event can be found on Fantasy Flight’s webpage, here