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Large scale tactical combat is finally here from Fantasy Flight’s Miniature team! Armada, set in the Star Wars universe, pits the larger-scale capital ships against one another! You’ll take the helm as an admiral of the Empire or Rebels, and command your ships and squadrons in an action-packed, objective based naval combat game!
We normally have all in-print ships in stock, and have the areas largest selection of ships and accessories. While accessories and supplies are more limited, we do have access to 6 ft by 3 ft mats and tubes, sleeves, dice, and acrylic tokens to up your game!

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Geek City participates in league and free-play for Armada. Currently we are hosting free play on Thursday nights, side by side with X-wing. However, during X-wing league we cannot guarantee space for Armada every Thursday, and would appreciate advanced notice if you are planning on playing. Our league is typically played in the weeks immediately following the end of X-wing’s seasonal leagues. They are similar to our X-wing league, with you playing as many matches throughout the week, and simply reporting the results of the match.

More information about the game can be found here, at Fantasy Flight’s website.

Join the Iowa City Armada Page for more information!