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Heroclix Products

Geek City typically has the newest Heroclix set in stock, as well as fast forces, token packs, premium maps and more to make sure you get what you need! We offer pre-orders for new set releases, in quantities of one booster brick or gravity feed and higher. We also host pre-release and release sealed events whenever new sets come out! These events are typically posted to our wizkids info network page which can be found below!

Heroclix Weekly Play

Geek City hosts weekly HeroClix play on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30pm. Depending on the number of players we may have a free-play night, a sealed/semi-sealed team draft, starter-pack fights, or more determined by what the players want.

Our store is authorized by Wizkids Info Network, and all of our events get posted there so that players can see what we will be running. This page can be found here

We will supplement these events with promotional figures when we receive them.