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X-wing Products

Geek City is your one stop for X-wing Miniatures! With the largest supply of expansions and supply, we almost certainly have what you need to get you blasting in no time! Small and medium expansions will always be in stock when they are in print, and supplies are available as soon as they are released, including mats, sleeves, acryllic tokens, range rulers, dials, and more!

Weekly play is available in the store on Thursday nights, which we also use for our X-wing league night. More information about league play can be found below, and new leagues start each season!

X-wing League

Geek City’s typical X-wing league is 10 weeks long, and we prioritize attendance and fun lists over competition. We use the time to introduce new players to organized events, as well as provide a gathering place for those wishing to test out more competitive lists together. Each week you can play any number of players of your choice, and you just have to record your results on the provided sheets. These will be tracked throughout the league and the results can be seen below.

Our new league will be a standard ELO rank based system. This means that each player will begin at a neutral rank . As you win games, you will gain points, and if you lose games you will lose points. How this system will work, is that if you are a lower ranked player, and you play a higher ranked player, and you win, you will gain a very large number of points, and your opponent will lose a great number of points. The inverse is true as well, and if you are playing someone of nearly equal rank, regardless of who wins, point values will not change dramatically.

Entry into the league is $10, and prizes will range from weekly participation for coming on Thursday night to larger rank based prizes at the end of the league.

More information on ELO Ranking can be found here:

Current League Ranks:


X-wing Battle Reports by Dan White

If you have other questions: Join the X-Wing Miniatures – Iowa City Facebook Group