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WizKids Open Regional Championship – Heroclix + Dice Masters

Wizkids Open Heroclix Regional Championship – Saturday May 14th, Noon

Wizkids Open Dice Masters Regional Championship – Sunday May 15th, Noon

Geek City is extremely excited to host the Iowa Regional for both Heroclix and Dice Masters! The Wizkids Open program has been extended for another round, and we were selected!

Winners of these events will receive invitations to the National Championship later this year, and players will receive promotional cards/figures based on performance. There will also be side events available both days of the tournament, for both games. These side events will reward players with exclusive cards/figures based on performance.

We will also have for sale tournament exclusive figures for Heroclix, including the Surfing Batman With Shark Convention Exclusive and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix Turtles Van Convention Exclusive. These will be $15 for the Surfing Batman, and $30 for the TMNT Van.

Full Prize Support Information can be found here, under the regional championship banner:

[su_heading size=”32″ class=”bold”]Tournament Formats[/su_heading]

Heroclix Tournament Description:

WizKids Open – HeroClix Regional Championship events will be 300-Modern Age Constructed Point Constructed Tournaments consisting of multiple rounds of Swiss-style pairings followed by a Single-Elimination Top 8 Cut. Entry is $15.

Dice Masters Tournament Description:

WizKids Open – Dice Masters Regional Championship Events will be Unlimited Constructed Tournaments (using standard tournament rules) consisting of multiple rounds of Swiss-style pairings followed by a Single Elimination Top 8 Cut. Entry is $15.

[su_heading size=”32″ class=”bold”]Side Events[/su_heading]

We will have several side events for Dice Masters and Heroclix. Our scheduled events will be on the opposite day of the primary event to allow more players to participate (Saturday Side Events for Dice Masters, Sunday for Heroclix). We will also be holding on demand events throughout the weekend, that we will fire off anytime we get to the required player counts.

Our current side event schedule can be found here:


[su_heading size=”32″ class=”bold”]Pre-Registration[/su_heading]

Dice Masters Pre-Registration

Heroclix Pre-Registration