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About Us

Geek City Games and Comics is striving to be the area's first all-in-one spot for comics, card and board games, pen-and-paper RPG's, toys, sci-fi and pop culture collectibles, and geek apparel. We are committed to fostering a family-friendly, inclusive, and comfortable environment where people of all ages can gather to enjoy the hobbies they love with like-minded individuals. We will also be hosting weekly events such as a Board Game Night, FNM, D&D, X-wing leagues, and more! For comic collectors, we carry comics from all major publishers (Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, etc.) and offer a subscription service/pull file with a discounted rate for those taking advantage of the service. Our comic manager will also be able to help you find any comic that you may be looking for, and we can special order larger collections/items for you as well. We are open to creating new events, so if there is anything that you'd like us to take part in, let us know, and we can discuss the possibility of a new event. Our current list of events can be found on our calendar.

Eldritch Moon Game Day

Eldritch Moon Game Day – August 13th + 14th

Eldritch Moon Game Day is here, and its time for you to test your meddle against other standard players to see who reigns supreme.   Geek City will host Eldritch Moon Game Day events on Saturday and Sunday, starting at noon each day. We will have a cut to top…

Eldritch Moon Pre release

Eldritch Moon Pre-release 7-16 + 7-17

Something dark rises over the horizon of Innistrad, something is warping the denizens of the land. What is this horror? Eldritch Moon shows us the biggest eldritch monstrosity, known as Emrakul, using her warping presence to destroy Innistrad, and its up to the Gatewatch and Liliana to save the day!…


X-Wing I am Your Father’s Day Tournament – June 18th

Fathers Day Special Tournament At Geek City! This Saturday, June 18th at 11:00 AM! We are happy to announce we will be doing a special tournament for Father’s Day Weekend! Entry into the event is $5, and prizes will be given out based on attendance, with a special flip Vader and…

Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters Sealed – June 11th

Eternal Masters Drops June 10th! Geek City will be hosting Eternal Masters Sealed during the release weekend! If you are interested, more information can be found below! Event Rundown: 6 Packs of Eternal Masters per person to construct a 40 card deck 3 Round Swiss Tournament using the sealed deck Any Players…