Overview and Store Rules

Geek City Games and Comics is dedicated to offering game enthusiasts a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive environment to enjoy their favorite games.  We believe that being a good sport is more important than winning, and it is all in how you play the game.  In that, we are very mindful of the culture we want our store to generate, and will actively work towards creating a positive one.  We want everyone that comes into our store to feel at home.  In order to accomplish this, we request that all of our guests abide by the following:


  1. No profanity: We understand that some people have “colorful” language that they use on a regular basis. In order to make sure everyone feels comfortable we kindly ask that you refrain from using such language.  Occasional slip-ups can and will happen, but please don’t make it constant.
  2. Be respectful of other people: This encompasses many things; from not leaving trash in the way of others to being mindful of how your actions and presence are affecting those around you.  We want to make sure our store is a place the entire gaming community wants to frequent, and feels comfortable doing so.
  3. Don’t be a poor sport:  Losing stinks! But that doesn’t give you the right to make someone else feel bad for winning.  Be gracious in loss, be more gracious in victory.  Being a poor loser or poor winner will not be tolerated.
  4. If possible, be helpful:  Everyone wants to expand the community of gamers in the area and the only way to do that is to help those in the community.  When someone asks you to explain a rule that they don’t understand, and you’re able, please do so.  If someone makes a mistake, don’t make them feel bad for it! Help them to learn the proper way to play.  Remember that we were all new once! And if we didn’t get help from those more experienced we wouldn’t know any better ourselves.
  5. Have fun!:  It’s all a game after all! If you’re coming in to practice for an upcoming, higher level event, let us know and we will make a special spot for you and your testing group. We’ll also make sure the rest of those playing the same game understand that you’re in the store to prep.  Barring certain rare exceptions (i.e. high prize competitive events and the like) we want fun to be the focus of your time with us, not winning and losing.

Merchandise and Sales Policy

    1. Online Returns: Please check our return policy through Shopify as it differs from our In-Person rules.
    2. In-Person Returns:  Returns will be accepted for 15 days on sealed, undamaged, non- card items.  All returns require the original receipt. All Sealed Card Product (Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Ect.) and Blind Box items are not eligible for return once they leave the store.
    3. Do not sell items to other customers within our store:  We understand that our customers will sell things to each other, we just ask that you refrain from such sales while at the store.
    4. Used Game Return: All used games have a 3-day window for the customer to return if it does not meet the conditions stated on the label. 
    5. Additional Wizards of the Coast Policy
      As an Authorized Internet Retailer of Wizards of the Coast, we cannot sell current sealed Magic: the Gathering products business to business.
      We do not accept returns on sealed nor open Magic: the Gathering products.

Store Hours

10am – 8pm Mon-Fri
10am – 6pm Sat-Sun

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