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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Marks Floating

What are your hours?
Mon-Fri – 10am – 8pm
Sat-Sun – 10am – 6pm

Holidays may impact these hours.

Do you offer game demos?
Frequently! Discord will have all announcements of upcoming in house demos.

Do you accept card trade-ins?
We no longer buy Pokemon, MTG or YuGiOh cards. We do sell new sealed product however.

Can we play at the store?
Yes, however there is a table fee of $5 per person for the whole day. This gives you access to our demo library, and your choice of table space!

When is ____ Night?
Game Nights are scheduled throughout the week. Our schedule is available via our calendar or you can check out our discord for more up to date information.

What is Discord?
Discord is social app used to connect people and create communities. Geek City utilizes its discord to help our customers get in touch, inform them on restocks, organize events and demos.

What is the store’s Discord? – Clicking this will open a window and ask if you’d like to join our Discord

Do You Do Special Orders or Pre-Orders?
Typically Yes though it varies on certain products and availability! Click HERE for more details.

What do Patreons get?
As thanks for supporting the store, patreons get access to our in-store Wifi, and at higher tiers store discounts, extended hours, invitation to our monthly board game night and more!

Where are the comics?
Geek City made the decision to no longer carry comics due to changes in distribution and dwindling demand. We highly recommend you check out the dedicated comic shops in Eastern Iowa instead!

Don’t you guys sell video games?!
Sorry folks, we sure don’t! Plenty of BOARD game though!


Store Hours

10am – 8pm – Mon-Fri
10am – 6pm – Sat-Sun

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