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Free RPG Day – June 20th

Geek City will be hosting Free RPG Day 2015! On Saturday June 20th, we will be hosting free play RPG adventures for several different game types. We will also have the Free RPG Day kit to distribute to players who participate in the games. We are looking for GM’s to…


Game of Thrones LCG – Regional Tournament June 6th

On Saturday, June 6th, Geek City will be hosting the Fantasy Flights Regional Tournament for the Game of Thrones Living Card Game. The event will begin at Noon, and entry will be $20 This event will be limited to the first 64 to fully pay and register. Prizes Include: 1…


Heroclix ROC State Championships – June 27th

We are excited to announce that Geek City will be hosting the TCGPlayer ROC State Championships! The event will be June 27th, and will be open to all players registered in wizkids event system. Entry into the tournament will be just $20, and the base prize support is listed below,…


X-Wing Spring Tournament – May 30th

Event will begin at 11:00am, registration will begin at 10:00am. Tournament¬†will be swiss format, with a cut to top players dependent on attendance. $10 entry, prize support will be 1 1/2 of the Spring Tournament kits from Fantasy Flight, and store credit dependent on attendance. Entry will be available, so…


Geek City Modern PPTQ – May 16th

Geek City will be hosting a Modern PPTQ at Noon on May 16th. Entry will be $30, and prize support will be our standard REL competitive payout, with the winner gaining an invitation to the next RPTQ. Entries will be limited to the first 64 players, and we are accepting…