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Star Wars Legion League @ Geek City starting 10/1/18

Good day General!  Opposing forces are mounting an attack!  We need you to drive them back! Starting on Tuesday, October 1st put your squad to the test. League details can be found here.

X-Wing 2.0 League @ Geek City starts 9/17/18

Greetings pilots!  It’s time to get to your fighters and fly casual!  Even if it’s past the 17th, there’s plenty of room and competition just waiting to be had.  Details can be found here.  

Announcement about our 8/25/18 PPTQ

ATTENTION MTG PLAYERS! We are limiting the available spots for our Modern PPTQ on 8/25 to 64 seats. We are taking reservations, and they work as follows: If you reserve and prepay, your seat is yours. You will have a place in the tournament. If you call us and have your name placed on the reservation list without payment, you spot is guaranteed until 10:30 AM on Saturday. If you pay before then, you’re good…

Star Wars Destiny – Way of the Force Launch Draft

Attention Star Wars Destiny players!  As I’m sure you know, Way of the Force comes out on Thursday, July 5th, and what better way to celebrate than to draft it!  Bring your Rivals Draft Kit (or buy one from us, we have plenty) and draft 6 packs of Way of the Force.  Cost for the event will be $20, and prizes will be a pack of Way of the Force for every round won, plus…

Fat Pack Sealed – July 14th

M19 is almost upon us, and that means another change to play your favorite made-up format: FAT PACK SEALED! How do you play?  Simple, just buy a Fat Pack (or Bundle if you choose to call it such) from Geek City Games and Comics, show up at 1 PM on Saturday, July 14th, and use that Fat Pack to build a 40 card deck.  Use that deck to play 3 or 4 rounds of Magic,…