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Fat Pack Sealed – July 14th

M19 is almost upon us, and that means another change to play your favorite made-up format: FAT PACK SEALED! How do you play?  Simple, just buy a Fat Pack (or Bundle if you choose to call it such) from Geek City Games and Comics, show up at 1 PM on Saturday, July 14th, and use that Fat Pack to build a 40 card deck.  Use that deck to play 3 or 4 rounds of Magic,…


Kaladesh Game Day Geek City Oct 22nd + 23rd

Join us for Kaladesh Gameday the weekend of October 22nd. Each event will begin at Noon, entry to the events will be free, and the following prizes will be given out: Full-art Essence Extraction participation prize Additional participation promotional cards The top 8 finalists will receive a Full-art Foil Cultivator of Blades The Game Day Champion will receive a Nissa, Vital Force Playmat


Geek City Modern PPTQ Kaladesh 10/8

Geek City is hosting a modern PPTQ October 10th. With the following details: Format: Modern Entry Fee: $25 Head Judge: Josh Schroeder Start time is 10 AM SHARP. The store will open an hour early (9 AM) to accommodate the start time. The event will be capped at 64 players, and will be first come first serve for registration.


Geek City Kaladesh Pre Release

Pre-release schedule for Kaladesh is as follows:   Friday at midnight (after FNM): Standard Sealed Saturday at 11:00am: Standard Sealed Saturday at 4:00pm: Two-headed Giant Sunday at 11:00am: Two-headed Giant Sunday at 4:00pm: Standard Sealed   More information on these event formats can be found here: http://magic.wizards.com/en/gameinfo/gameplay/formats/sealeddeck http://magic.wizards.com/en/gameinfo/gameplay/formats/twoheadedgiant   Entry to each event will be $30, and just as with our previous pre-release events, we will have a special prize payout! However, if you pre-register…


Eldritch Moon Game Day – August 13th + 14th

Eldritch Moon Game Day is here, and its time for you to test your meddle against other standard players to see who reigns supreme.   Geek City will host Eldritch Moon Game Day events on Saturday and Sunday, starting at noon each day. We will have a cut to top 8 to determine our final winner, you may stay if you wish past the top 8 announcement but you may no longer be in the…