We owe a lot to our wonderful Patreons! They help keep our lights shining, play area open and staff happy! We do our best to pay them back in kind and appreciate all their support!

How do we do that?
Well we offer a wealth of rewards from Wi-Fi access, free in-store play and in-store discounts to name a few!
A big perk is also our monthly game night available only to our lovely Patreons to thank them for their support! (Patreons make sure to check Discord or your email for September’s date!)

Why support us that way?
Short of keeping our lights on, it’s a great way to reward yourself! For any frequent visitor the higher tiers usually result in money saved over spent!
Not only that, we’re also constantly thinking up new rewards for our patreons! From physical rewards on their favorite game night, to other perks as they arise!

Want to know more? Check out our PATREON page for more detailed information!