A lot of folks don’t know we offer a Used Consignment section for our customers to sell your games! So bring in your used games! You get 80% of your asking price in store credit and you make space on your shelf for the latest and greatest new game!

So what’s the process of putting your game up for sale?
Well, you bring in some games (try not to bring TOO many so there’s shelf space for all the games)
We have you fill out some paperwork, basically the name of the game, what condition its in and so forth.
Then we put it up on the self!

What happens after your game is sold?
The person who bought it has three days, if the game isn’t in the condition stated, or missing pieces (it happens!) they can bring it back and we’ll contact the seller to inform them.
If the person is happy with it, we credit the account when we’re able sometime after those three days have passed!
Now you have credit to put towards your next purchase!

So stop in with your games, or stop in to check out the selection because you find some amazing deals on those shelves!