Over this past week we’ve been dealing with the woes of a rather unannounced parking lot resurfacing! While it’s led to ample frustration on our part, we want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding in dealing with it! They still have one part left to do so there may still be a small amount of parking chaos but we will remain open and optimistic that the last part will be painless! As always, you are all amazing customers and we appreciate you putting up with this!

Store News – Williamsburg location is closed! As such, a lot of their inventory moved back home along with some new things as well. Stuffed Toys and little toys to name a few! We also got little restocks on stuff too! You’ll want to come in and check out everything! Also the USED section has a lot of goodies in it at the moment! So you’ll want to check that out too!

Have yourselves a good one!