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board games

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Geek City carries a multitude of board games, everything from strategy, to co-operative, to family fun. We carry all major publishers from Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight, Queen Games, iello Games, Mayfair and many more! Geek City has the largest board game inventory in the area, so no matter what you are searching for, we should be able to find it for you! If we don’t have an item that you’re looking for in stock, we can place special orders for customers and it should arrive within a week.

We invite you to stop in, look over our extensive library, and give us any suggestions if you see that we don’t carry a publisher/creator that you love, we can probably get it for you!

Below you will find a list of some of the board games that Geek City carries on the shelf. This is by no means a complete catalogue, but will give an idea of some of the products we have!

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Geek City has a large collection of demo games available for public play as well. With over 100 demo games available to play, you can test out nearly any of our games before you purchase them. This program is available at any time, as long as you can find space to play. We are also excited to announce our Board Game Rental Program! For just $5 you can rent one of our demo games and take it home for up to two nights! This will allow you to test out a new game before you commit to purchasing it, or if you just wanted to play it some more after playing in the store!


We also have a selection of games at Press Coffee in Coralville that are available to play whenever they are open. Press Coffee has been generous enough to let us host a game night at their shop once a month, and more information about this monthly event can be found below.



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Tuesday night is designated as board game day, and we will be hosting free play games after 6:00pm, where you can bring in games from home or try out one of our demos with friends or others in the store. We will occasionally have a store-run demonstration of new games, and these can be found by either visiting our events calendar or our facebook page. These lead demos are a great way to see brand new games, and a few times a year we will even get games before they are released for these events!

Press Coffee also lets us host a more organized board game night the third Tuesday of every month. Geek City runs both store-run demonstrations and free play gaming all night starting at 6:00. Follow Press Coffee on Facebook in order to see more information on these events!

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