Paints & Terrain

Geek City offers quite a lot in Paints & Terrain supplies that it’s easy to get overwhelmed! There are so many brands of paints out there it’s hard to know which ones might be right for you. Hopefully this page helps with some of that!

Paint Brands

Here are the paint brands currently offered by Geek City and their best application!

  • Vallejo Paints – Geek City offers a large selection of different kinds of paints, from the speed paint styles to their more solid and reliable Game Colors. They have a lot of versatility and work on a lot of applications. Their Air brand works very well and their Effects paints add nice finishing touches. As with nearly all acrylic paints, their whites and yellows are their weakest offerings. All that being said, they are the best and well rounded paint brand for nearly all miniature applications.
  • Army Painter Speed Paints – Offering an affordable way to try fast painting, Army Painter has made huge strides in their paints. We mainly carry their Speed Paints but have some sets of their Air brand. Initially their speed paint was a subpar alternative to Citadel paints, but with their new 2.0 line they’ve become the go-to in speed paints! This is the paint to get when you need fast table ready miniatures or are just getting started out. 
  • Pro Acryl Paints – Geek City is proud to carry Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl line. This is the premier brand of paint. While it might be pricier than folks want to pay, it isn’t without reason. Their white is one of the best we’ve ever used, and we feel the same about their yellows. While they lag behind in the air brush ability, they make up for it in their base colors. This is the paint you want if you want bold solid colors.
  • Two Thin Coats – The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy is a staple for many learning to paint or further their skills. Their expertise has culminated into their own paint line and so far it’s been a success. They’re still newer to the market so they don’t have as many options as the other brands but they mix well and blend beautifully. This is on track to compete with Vallejo and worth checking out. 

Terrain Options

We’ve recently been expanding into the basing/terrain materials to help push your miniatures to the next level! Our current brand offering is Gale Force Nine but they offer a wide range of flocking, wires and grit. 

Need some help or advice? Head over to TIPS & TRICKS to expand your painting and terraining horizons!

Three Bottles of Vallejo Hobby Paint
Terrain Material on a cutting board

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