Magic Events

Magic Events

Weekly Events

Geek City participates in many Magic Events throughout the week. Our current weekly for Magic Events is as follows:

Thursday: MTG EDH Commander

EDH players will start arriving at about 4:00pm, and play will go until about 8pm, when we close. This is an casual event, and we do not encourage unsportsmanlike behavior. No prizes are given out at this event, and game are typically played in pods of 3-4 players. Proxies are allowed by the store, but it may be pertinant to ask the pod you are in if you can use them in your game.

Friday: Friday Night Magic (Standard and Modern)

We host two different magic events each Friday: Draft, Modern, and Commander.

Commander begins at 6:00 pm and Entry is $5. Promos handed out based allocations by WOTC.

Draft begins at 6:00 pm, and Entry will based on Set being drafted.  Payout will be a pack per match win, and promos will be distributed as well.

Modern begins at 6:00 pm, and entry is $15 plus tax. Payout is out in store credit, typically to to the top 4, dependent on attendance.


Special events will be posted on our facebook page, and update on our events calendar.

For more information on the formats of magic, read Magic’s article about them here:

Special Events

Geek City also hosts a variety of special magic events, that do not fall on a weekly schedule, these include:

Pre-Release (Every Set Release)

Our most popular event, pre-release is an awesome opportunity to see and play with cards before they officially hit the shelves, a full week early! Each standard set, (those releasing in January, April, July, and September), will have a pre-release event, and they are all played in a sealed format. You will receive a pack of 6 booster packs of the newest set, and a random foil rare or mythic promo card also from the new set. You will use the cards from these booster packs to construct a 40 card deck, and play in a swiss tournament with this deck. Players will receive an additional pack of the new set for each match they win throughout the tournament.