Dungeon Master Resources

Dungeon Masters have it rough! From running the games to tailoring encounters to keep players engaged. So we’ve gathered several different resources and links to help make the job easier! 

Dungeon Master Rules To Live By

  1. Have Fun. This is the #1 rule for a reason. Everyone at the table, and yes, that includes the DM! should be having fun! Balancing this can be rough, after all we’re all individuals! But it’s well worth your time to achieve a balanced slice of fun for all!
  2. Put A Little of Yourself in Each Game. It’s fine if you mostly read from the books to get through the stories but its much more fun if a bit of your personality and touch graces each game. Even if it’s something silly, it makes each game a personalized experience your players will keep coming back for!
  3. Plan With Caution. It’s fun to craft elaborate plans, riddles and mazes for the players to traverse. What’s not fun is to have those meticulous plans thrashed apart by crafty or clumsy players. The trick to avoiding this is to plan cautiously. Always assume your players will subvert your well laid plans and that it’s okay if it happens! 
  4. Be Firm but Flexible. Do your best not to simply nay-say ideas without good reason but be flexible if a player offers a good idea. That being said, don’t let players completely derail your campaign. 
  5. Reward Brilliancy. Players will often surprise you with a brilliant solution to a situation. If it’s left you in awe of their creativity it’s worth a quick reward, whether it’s an in game goody or a special roll later. It shows your players that using their noggins or playing their character well is worth the effort!
  6. Do Your Best. From keeping the game rolling, to having fun, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Don’t be hard on yourself, do what you can and recognize when you can’t. It all goes back to rule #1. 

Additional DM Tools

CITY MAP GENERATOR – Generates a City Map Randomly

RANDOM ENCOUNTER TOOL – Helps craft Random Encounters

ALEXANDRIAN SYSTEM-NEUTRAL DM TIPS – A System Neutral Library of helpful DM Tips and Help

NERD HERDER – A useful tool for tracking players and sharing information across DMs and games!

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