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Star Wars™ Unlimited


Geek City is excited to offer Star Wars Unlimited at our store! Star Wars™ Unlimited is a new card game featuring your favorite Star Wars™ characters, events, and more. This is a newer card game by Fantasy Flight so please stay tuned to this page as the game unfurls for more information!

We currently are awaiting the second wave of Spark of Rebellion (the current set) and hosting events while we wait! In the meantime, we have a host of awesome Unlimited deck boxes, sleeves, and everything you need to get your deck looking snazzy!

Geek City is also, for a limited time, selling uncommons and commons to help get the community growing. 

We are also currently offering a Star Wars™ Unlimited Play League at our store. For official days, please refer to our CALENDAR for exact dates and times. If you’re looking to learn to play or have questions, please feel free to CONTACT us or visit the store. 

If you’re wanting to learn more about Star Wars™ Unlimited and current news, please check out their OFFICIAL SITE to see available cards, errata, and you can also keep track of your collection there as well! 


Due to distribution limitations, we are doing our best to keep Unlimited in Stock. Geek City will be carrying all future sets of Star Wars Unlimited for the foreseeable future as well. If you’re looking for something in particular you can always CONTACT the shop and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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