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Geek City has teamed up with the Nerd Herder app to help streamline all our games from Star Wars Legion to Marvel Crisis Core! It is a fantastic and easy way to organize in store play, tournaments, on-going leagues and more. It is constantly growing and expanding to more games!

This app also allows event organizers to easily register, pair and contact players all through one convenient browser based app. Need to contact your game partner? Or you’re running late and you need to let folks know? This app lets you do all that and more. Don’t make tournament organization harder than it has to be! Check out the landing page below for more information or see it in action at any of our big in-store tournaments!

For a list of all upcoming events at Geek City, please check out our Events Calendar or join onto our Discord for the most up-to-date Event Announcements!

For Players

Click below to access the main app login! If you’re a new player, you can also register through the link!

For Tournament Organizers

Want to use Nerd Herder to organize your next table-top event or league? Click Below to learn more or scroll down for the creator’s contact info!

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