Miniatures Games

Miniatures Products Overview

Geek City provides several Miniatures Gaming events and products, and with a large and open gaming space, we can host any miniature games you want. We currently have one of the area’s largest communities for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Miniatures Games, and have a growing and thriving community for Marvel Crisis Protocol! All of these games we keep very well stocked, and can usually special order any items that we may be out of to keep it under your name!

Miniatures Supplies

On top of stocking miniatures for each game, we also have a steady inventory of supplies for each! Whether you are looking for sleeves, playmats, paints, washs, brushes, tokens, or anything else, we should have it available for you today!

Example of Supplies:

  • Full Line of Valejo Paints
  • Official Fantasy Flight Games X-wing Mats
  • Official Fantasy Flight Games Sleeves
  • Acryllic Tokens for Guildball, X-wing, Warmachine, and more!


[su_heading size=”32″ class=”bold”]Games we Carry[/su_heading]

Here is a run-down of some of the miniatures games we play here at Geek City, and a link to more information about each of them!


[su_spoiler title=”X-wing Information”]Geek City as a very large X-wing community, and are always looking to expand. We not only host store tournaments and free play, but also a seasonal league which awards regular flying with pieces of the seasonal Organized Play kits from Fantasy Flight.

We offer the largest variety of x-wing miniatures in stock in the area, and are very happy to assist you in starting your collection. We also have a pre-order process for new expansions, that allows you to get ships the day they come out, typically with a discount!

More information can be found here[/su_spoiler]



[su_spoiler title=”Heroclix Information”]

Heroclix is a miniatures game made by WizKids, that has you grouping heroes and villains from many universes to fight against other teams of super-powered foes. We host weekly play, as well as host larger tournaments, including the Iowa Regional Wizkids Open event! Our weekly events are typically pre-constructed teams, but we do host sealed events and pre-release events around new set releases!

More information about heroclix can be found here



Imperial Assault

[su_spoiler title=”Imperial Assault Information”]

Fantasy Flight’s Descent style Dungeon Crawling Miniature game is exploding! We carry all miniatures for this game, and have space to host games here each week. This game is great for all types of gamers, with play ability for hardcore players, and less experienced ones as well!

More information will be posted here




[su_spoiler title=”Armada Information”]

Large scale combat is upon us! This miniature game is growing rapidly, as it has taken the slot of the classical naval combat miniatures game. Tke control of Star Wars Capital ships as you command your fleet to victory in this in-depth strategy game! Just like x-wing we host a seasonal league for Armada, and have a very loyal play group who love the game!

More Armada information here



Guild Ball

[su_spoiler title=”Guild Ball Information”]

Our newest addition to our miniatures line-up, Guild Ball is a Fantasy Sport Game that combines Soccer, Combat, and Magic! A much newer game than the rest that we carry, Guild Ball is quickly growing into it’s own community and we host weekly play for it on Tuesday Nights.

More Guild Ball Information here