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Magic: The Gathering


Magic Products

Geek City aims to be the best all around gaming store in the area, and so we carry a large assortment of Magic: The Gathering products, including sealed product, singles, specialty sets and more! To support these we also run many magic events, with events spanning all week on a regular schedule, and a handful of special events that are spread out throughout the year. More information about those events can be found here.

Magic Sealed Products

Geek city offers Magic sealed products in the following varieties:

  • Booster Packs / Boxes of all standard sets, and stretching back for the past 2 years (currently back to ~Avacyn Restored)
  • Fat Packs / Bundles of Standard Sets
  • Commander Pre-Constructed Decks
  • Standard Legal Planeswalker Decks
  • Duel Decks
  • Any other new sealed products as they become available

Magic Single Cards

Geek City has an extensive collection of Single Magic cards that are all organized by set to assist you in finding any cards that you are looking for. We currently have cards from all sets, and use trade-ins to maintain our inventory. More information about our trade-in policy can be found below. If there are any single cards that you are looking for you can send a list of cards to our email or facebook, we may not have every card on your list, as inventory is limited on certain cards. However, we do require that any cards that you do request for us to pull for you are purchased, and that you look up pricing on your own before sending the lists to ensure there are no surprises when you come to pick up.

We use TCGPlayer’s Median pricing for all of our singles.

Magic Special Products

Throughout the year Wizards of the coast will release several special products on top of the regular releases. Geek City is proud to carry these and are generally available year round. These special products include:

  • From the Vault – A yearly collection of premium foil cards from magic’s history, centered around a theme.
  • Gift Boxes – A sealed product designed as a gift for Magic Players
  • Anthologies – A product that contains multiple decks from a certain collection, such as Duel Decks, Planechase, etc
  • Magic Special Sets – These include all non-standard legal booster boxes that are released. Typically each year we will get a “Masters” set which will reprint cards from a specific format that are format staples. On top of that we get  multiplayer sets such as Conspiracy, which is designed to be drafted with 4 player multiplayer pods.

Trade-in Program

In order to keep our stock of Magic Singles we do offer a Trade-in Program. This is a way to trade your cards in for store credit that can generally be used for anything in the store outside of tournaments. We currently offer 50% of TCGPlayer’s Market pricing as store credit for cards that we need, which will typically be any standard legal rares that we are out of, or modern/legacy/commander cards that we need to restock. Anything beyond these we may not take in on trade, or may offer less depending on card and value.

Geek City does buy bulk collections as well, but will offer a different rate on these depending on a case by case basis. Please contact us before bringing us a collection to evaluate. We will normally be able to get through collections within a few days, if they are sorted properly, but on some occasions this may take longer. We do ask that before you bring in collections that all rares/mythics be separated from the commons so that we can sort through to evaluate in a timely fashion, not doing this may result in a longer evaluation time or a lower offer.