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Miniatures Games

Miniatures Products Overview

Geek City provides several Miniatures Gaming events and products, and with a large and open gaming space, we can host any miniature games you want. We currently have one of the area’s largest communities for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Miniatures Games, and have a growing and thriving community of games like Warmachine, Guild Ball, and Heroclix! All of these games we keep very well stocked, and can usually special order any items that we may be out of to keep it under your name!

Miniatures Supplies

On top of stocking miniatures for each game, we also have a steady inventory of supplies for each! Whether you are looking for sleeves, playmats, paints, washs, brushes, tokens, or anything else, we should have it available for you today!

Example of Supplies:

  • Full Line of Valejo Paints
  • Official Fantasy Flight Games X-wing Mats
  • Official Fantasy Flight Games Sleeves
  • Acryllic Tokens for Guildball, X-wing, Warmachine, and more!


Games we Carry

Here is a run-down of some of the miniatures games we play here at Geek City, and a link to more information about each of them!


X-wing Information



Heroclix Information


Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault Information



Armada Information


Guild Ball

Guild Ball Information